The ENISE trains engineers with excellent skills in engineer sciences and technologies, organization and technological management, and project management. This curriculum requires learning and mastering a wide circle of disciplines in both basic science and technology.
The ENISE offers 4 engineering degrees accredited by the Engineering Title Committee (CTI):
•    Engineer in Mechanical Engineering in the initial education system (level required for enrollment: baccalaureate and bac+2)
•    Engineer in Civil Engineering in the initial education system (baccalaureate and bac+2)
•    Engineer in Mechanical Engineering in the apprentice education system (bac+2)
•    Engineer in Civil Engineering in the apprentice education system (bac+2)
In parallel, for professionals who already have at least 5 years of industrial experience, the ENISE also awards two diplomas through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE):
•    Engineer in Mechanical Engineering through VAE
•    Engineer in Civil Engineering through VAE
In an environment where economic exchanges are increasingly global, it is vital to prepare the engineer students for working in an international context. Foreign languages skills and proficiency in knowledge of international culture are considered to be a central point in the ENISE training programs. If mastery of English is required by the Engineering Title Committee, the study of a second language is also a mandatory part of the ENISE curriculum with German, Spanish and Italian offered as options.
To introduce its graduate students to the economic and political realities of the world economy, the ENISE offers them, typically in 4th or 5th year of studies, the opportunity to go abroad for one or several semesters in a partner university, in some cases leading to a double degree.



Directeur des Etudes, de la Formation et de l'Innovation

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ENISE Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne
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