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One of the missions of the ENISE is to prepare its students to excel in an international environment by strengthening the international openness of the initial education system and designing their professional careers under conditions of ever-increasing internationalization of all facets of society.

The ENISE offers a 5-years curriculum, the first two years allowing students to acquire basic skills as language and technology that will enable them, if they wish, to push beyond the classroom and get in-field experience during the last three years of their training.

This focus on international openness explains the emphasis on the foreign language learning in the same way as the other disciplines of the curriculum, which is essential to a quality education.

It is in this second period that the ENISE students have the opportunity to go abroad for:

-Training in the framework of the institutional exchanges with partner universities for a period of one semester or a full academic year;

-Fieldwork placements in industry or End of Studies Projects during one semester in a company or a laboratory.

International Relations


Directeur des Relations Internationales

Secrétariat des Relations Internationales
Tél. 04 77 43 75 18

ENISE Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne
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