Mobilité entrante

The ENISE welcomes every year nearly 60 foreign students.
Among them, students from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Tunisia, Russia, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, etc. Some for double degrees or full years, others for Master's courses or laboratory internships.

Looking for ways to give those students the means to succeed in their studies in France, ENISE knows that a successful integration into this new city and school is often a key factor in the quality of mobility of these foreign students. A good command of French is therefore an essential element to make a successful semester, year ...

Aware of these issues, the National School of Engineers of Saint-Etienne (ENISE) organizes each year a summer internship as well as weekly courses of French as Foreign Language for this audience of future international engineers.

The International Club is also there to ensure the sponsorship and integration of these foreign students. This involves the organization of international nights highlighting their culture, organizing entertaining outings bringing them to other enisens, French parties for themselves, etc. Sometimes it is also a matter of welcoming them when they arrive at the airport or at the train station, answering their questions, guiding them about how the ENISE works, but above all to make them discover Saint Etienne and help them. to integrate into this new city and life...
ENISE Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne
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