A Word of the Director

Hello and welcome to the ENISE website!
Whether you are a student, a parent, a staff or a teacher, we are glad to open you the doors of our School.
Our website will provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information on our curriculum and student recruitment.
It will also keep you updated about the latest events in our School, very rich in this late-fall period.
I have some good news to share with you (outlined in detail on our website):
•    We are ready for our Doors Open Days. You will be welcomed on our two sites for conferences and particularly interesting visits demonstrating our commitment to link our industry-targeted research with our curriculum of engineers of the future.
•    The Club Bridge Challenge has received the Student's Award for its design and construction of wooden bridge models. You will discover how this club organizes an international gathering in Saint-Etienne where students’ teams from numerous institutions of higher education confront their know-how to build a model bridge with 800 grams of wood! The strongest will support a load of nearly 400 Kg of steel before collapsing under the anxious eye of the public!
•    The Living Tissue Aging Laboratory has received an excellent assessment of its supervisory board. This assessment shows the highest scientific interest of this research on human skin carried out by the ENISE in cooperation with French and Japanese colleagues.
•    The two ENISE sites have been equipped with new logo panels announcing its integration with the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the University of Lyon. Such a consortium will streamline bridges between curricula as well as students’ clubs and unions.
•    The ENISE has recruited two lecturers-researchers who will contribute to the excellence of our educational programs. Their technological research will allow a more comprehensive usage of enabling technological equipment available on its site in Saint-Etienne such as the experimental facility for powder spheroidization for additive manufacturing purposes.
•    The Beer Club has managed to produce its first two drinks. Congratulations! Enjoy without excess of course!
•    A new educational path in Mechanical Engineering entitled "Ergodesign" has been opened up providing one more innovative way for training engineers of the future.
•    The new brochures distributed during the first Education Shows in Marseille, Lyon and Saint-Etienne are highly comprehensive. They have been also distributed to 3500 French high schools, and will be available to the visitors of our Doors Open Days as well as for all our partners.

Beyond its core values of technological excellence and social lift, the ENISE is resolutely turning towards a new educational paradigm, a new ENISE in a moving world.
Welcome to our house!

François-Marie Larrouturou

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