Outgoing mobility

Justine DUCOTTET, engineering student in Mechanical Engineering

“I have been abroad twice: once for a six-month internship in Germany during my 4th year, and once during all of my 5th year, also in Germany. Although we remain in Europe, the work methods and the mindset are different in some aspects, and to suddenly be alone without anyone speaking your mother tongue is hard at first. I have been lucky to meet students from all around the world, to exchange with them and to learn a lot on a personal level. These 2 times abroad brought me much more than just technical and linguistic knowledge and I can only wish for the next students to have the opportunity to live such an experience!”

Julien GUETTY, engineering student in Mechanical Engineering

“It is with some apprehension that I have decided to go to Mendoza in Argentina, 12.000kms away from France, to get a dual degree. It is an extremely enjoyable city where life is good all year long. I have quickly gotten along with Argentinians who made me feel at home within a few weeks!
When it comes to school, I have discovered new ways of teaching and I have been able to do a very interesting 3-month internship in wine industry.
I am leaving with unforgettable memories, friends from many countries who are ready to kindly welcome me where they live. As for languages, there is nothing better to improve your level. It is an experience that I highly recommend.”

Martin PANNETIER in Iqaluit, North of Canada

Path of a former ENISE student (class of 2010-2013), Martin PANNETIER, ENISE engineer in Civil Engineering through an apprenticeship.
Master specialised in Strategy and Development of International Matters at EM Lyon, Centrale Paris and EM Shanghai. (Specialisation in innovation in Shanghai)
Martin PANNETIER is currently in Iqaluit, North of Canada, working on the building of the most northern airport in the world, after working in Turkmenistan as a site manager on a huge building (congress centre with apartment of the president) and going to Miami as project manager on part of the Brickell City Center.

Pierre-Clément FAYARD, 3rd year in mechanical engineering (Japan, Sendai, Tohoku University, Laboratory of Nanointerface Engineering

As someone passionate about Japan and Japanese culture, I did a 3-month internship within a tribology laboratory in Japan: the Laboratory of Nanointerface Engineering of Tohoku University (東北大学, Tōhoku Daigaku), located in the city of Sendai (仙台市, Sendai-shi). I finally reached Japanese ground after an 11-hour flight and was then about 10,000kms away from France.

Morgane LE GOUGUEC – internship in 4th year in mechanical engineering in Perth, Australia

“After an internship made in France in a company, I wanted to change places and therefore, I left to do my internship for my 4th year of studies within a university laboratory of research in Australia! I discovered a wonderful country and met extremely welcoming people, not only from Australia but also from all over the world. When it comes to my internship, I joined a campus of 65 hectares gathering 25,000 students, 5,000 being from foreign countries. This was all made possible thanks to the international relations office, and I thank them for helping me through all the procedures. It was an unforgettable experience and I hope I will repeat it, this time in Canada!!”

Marion FOULON, 4th year in mechanical engineering, internship in China, 1st semester 2013/2014

I did my internship for my 4th year of studies in China, more precisely in Shanghai, within a company. I discovered a wonderful country as well as a new culture. I regret absolutely nothing from this time there, because it taught me a lot about myself and others. I will never forget the journeys I did during the weekends and my holidays.
From the Great Wall of China to the Forbidden City in Beijing, from the traditional Chinese gardens in Suzhou to the Yellow Mountains of Huangshan, all these destinations in themselves are worth doing an internship in Shanghai. When you add a particularly pleasing experience to this, we have all the reasons necessary to give it a try. This was all made possible thanks to the international relations office, which offered me this internship and helped me through all the procedures. I thank them for all of that. Now, I only have one thing in mind: to leave again and discover a new country next year: Canada.

ENISE Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne
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