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Aurora Bacanumenth (Colombia), student in Physical Engineering

" I remember well how scared I was during my first mathematic class: I had just arrived in France and the teacher spoke very fast. However, this memory also allows me to realise that I have improved my level of French during this year. Now I am much more at ease with French and classes are going very well.

Thanks to this incredible experience, I have made many friends who I have become inseparable with. I have learned a lot from my failures and my achievements, everything that I have lived here made me change. I would recommend to everyone to live such an experience! ”

Thiago Moser (Brazil), 4th year in Mechanical Engineering

“ As part of the BRAFITEC programme, I have been able to spend part of my studies in France, within the ENISE. As soon as the first day, I received a very warm welcome, which helped me feel integrated in the school as well as in the city of Saint-Etienne. I have also gotten the opportunity to do an internship in a French company during my time at ENISE. I have then taken part to the industrial implementation of a new factory of the group "

International Relations


Maria Doubenskaîa
Directrice des Relations Internationales

Émilie Favier-Domingues
Responsable administrative des Relations Internationales
Tél. 04 77 43 75 11

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