Platform of Excellence in Material and Surface Mechanics

For several years, The ENISE policy has been driven by enhancing the scientific recognition of its research teams at regional, national and international levels. In order to strengthen teaching and scientific excellence of the ENISE, the MMS Platform (Platform of Excellence in Material and Surface Mechanics) is established aiming to integrate all the ENISE competences on the same site.
This platform proposes the sharing of the cutting-edge educational and research equipment accessible to both engineering students and demonstrators, but also to the industrial environment as a vehicle for collaboration. The major objective is to provide the ENISE with a set of equipment of excellence all grouped at one site visible and accessible to the academic and industrial world.
Besides aiming to pool together skills and resources for local economic development, the Platform has also an educational objective:
•    To provide the engineering students with the opportunity to develop the technological and professional approach and, where necessary, to deepen their education.
•    To provide the teachers with different sources for generating educational innovation.
•    To provide the engineering students with the opportunity to implement, in the framework of industrial research projects, their achievements, to understand the company’s life and to facilitate their integration into it.
•    To promote the benefits of research for preparing the engineering students for the careers of the future.
This offer of skills and equipment will be available in the fields of surface engineering and material mechanics: (i) for academic collaboration, (ii) for research projects, (ii) to initiate the continuous training which has not yet been implemented. Whatever the needs of each are, customized responses can be provided: scientific and technical assistance, consulting, training, joint projects.
Thus, the expertise and skills of our lecturers, teachers, engineers and technical staff will be made available for innovative projects.
As for the training of the ENISE engineers, this Platform will be equipped with advanced installations and machines in perfect consistency with the educational programs in various ENISE specialties: GM - GC - GS - GSI. It can also be a means for developing distant education for enterprises and take part in the development of industrial projects.
In the framework of diverse calls for projects (ANR, FUI, European projects, clusters, Equipment of Excellence, Laboratory of Excellence, Cimrev Federation, etc.), the MMS Platform is viewed as an asset of excellence that must be sustained by innovative projects.
The Platform is built upon three Services of training and research:
•    Department of Mechanics and Materials;
•    Department of Processes;
•    Department of Electricity Automation and Sensorial Metrology.

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