presentation of Business Relations Department

Being the interface between business and the ENISE, the Business Relations Department’s priority is to be attentive to the needs of the business world in order to promote the employability of the ENISE graduates and to implement new educational and research projects in line the with business needs.
Since its creation, the ENISE has maintained close relations with industry. Today, the School moved from the mode “relationships with companies” to the mode “business partnerships”. The partnerships involve not only the companies themselves, but also economic structures such as professional organizations, clusters, etc. In the form of a tripartite agreement, it helps addressing the concerns of different parties:
-for students and apprentices, the partnerships allows, firstly, to search for the field of application (internship, End-of-Study Project, apprentice contract, master, PhD), and secondly, to allow these young people to find employment in line with their carrier ambitions;

-companies are finding real resources to develop innovation. Furthermore, they anticipate their own needs in skills by gradually integrating an engineering student during an industrial internship;

-the School finds an important support in its partner network, especially to better define an appropriate strategy to meet the needs of the business world. Also, the partners contribute significantly to the financing of the School (apprenticeship tax, alternating training, innovation project, etc.).

ENISE Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne
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