presentation of student life

Become an ENISE student involves:
•    to join a professional training program providing individuals with career skills in a number of engineering fields starting from introductory (first year) experiences in a School under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research;
•    to discover yourself ;
•    to build up yourself ;
•    to become autonomous ;
•    to make up your career plan.
The training and education process is permeated by diverse extracurricular activities:
•    life outside the family context: housing, shopping, student outings, medical assistance, transport, etc.;
•    equipping students with necessary skills to learn and succeed academically in Higher Education.
The Student Life Office serves to create a supportive environment enhancing students’ integration into the academic and social fabric of the School. It is concerned with the following duties and responsibilities:
•    logistical aspects (life in Saint-Etienne, housing, transportation, ...);
•    individual’s openings: organizing conferences and meetings with ENISE engineering graduates on social issues ranging from the discovery of professions to the social position of an engineer through sustainable development;
•    individual’s self-construction through sport and personal projects (Constituent Elements over 5 years of study). Make commitments and responsibilities is part of the training;
•    individual’s career plan: through conferences (thematic, professional), Business Days to explore career possibilities and enhance professional self-insight...
The Student Life Office coordinates the School’s budget for extracurricular activities. It works in collaboration with the students and the Student Office (BDE).

Student Life

Contact vie étudiante

Céline Besançon
Directrice des Études

Zoulika Idir
Assistante à la Vie Etudiante
Tél. 04 77 43 84 14

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