presentation of student life

Become an ENISE student involves:
•    to join a professional training program providing individuals with career skills in a number of engineering fields starting from introductory (first year) experiences in a School under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research;
•    to discover yourself ;
•    to build up yourself ;
•    to become autonomous ;
•    to make up your career plan.
The training and education process is permeated by diverse extracurricular activities:
•    life outside the family context: housing, shopping, student outings, medical assistance, transport, etc.;
•    equipping students with necessary skills to learn and succeed academically in Higher Education.
The Student Life Office serves to create a supportive environment enhancing students’ integration into the academic and social fabric of the School. It is concerned with the following duties and responsibilities:
•    logistical aspects (life in Saint-Etienne, housing, transportation, ...);
•    individual’s openings: organizing conferences and meetings with ENISE engineering graduates on social issues ranging from the discovery of professions to the social position of an engineer through sustainable development;
•    individual’s self-construction through sport and personal projects (Constituent Elements over 5 years of study). Make commitments and responsibilities is part of the training;
•    individual’s career plan: through conferences (thematic, professional), Business Days to explore career possibilities and enhance professional self-insight...
The Student Life Office coordinates the School’s budget for extracurricular activities. It works in collaboration with the students and the Student Office (BDE).

ENISE Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne
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