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Engineers tend to evolve in international environments in which they need to work with partners from other countries and manage projects in multicultural environments.

At least one semester of international mobility is therefore required now, in the course of studies at ENISE.

Between their 3rd and 5th year at ENISE, our engineering students have the possibility to study abroad in a variety of manners:

  • For engineering students with the Student status (FISE):
    • one semester of studies,
    • one year of studies (which includes a period of internship),
    • a dual degree,
    • a period of time spent working in an industrial environment (internship),
    • their graduation project.
  • For engineering students with the Apprentice status (FISA):
    • an industrial mission
    • a work placement
    • an internship with a laboratory
    • which must be completed by a 9-week international curriculum in France (International week and English classes at ENISE + a work experience project)

Financial aid for international mobility (Aide à la mobilité internationale AMI)

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Students who choose to do an internship abroad have the possibility to request several grants: Erasmus+ available for all, but if you have financial difficulties, you can also ask for the AMI grant (Aide à la Mobilité Internationale) added to the first one. You must apply for it at the international relations department of your school. Before leaving, do not forget to choose and confirm the travel and health insurance best adapted to your needs.

First-hand accounts of our students

« My curriculum included two stays abroad: One 6-month long internship in Germany during my 4th year and I spent all of my 5th year in Germany also. Even though it is still in Europe, the working methods and mentality are different on some points. Being alone at first, without anyone to speak your mother tongue with, is quite difficult. I feel lucky to have met students from all over the world. We exchanged views, which certainly broadens the mind. These two separate stays have given me much more than technical and language skills and I wish strongly to other students that they have this opportunity for a wonderful experience! »

ENISE International Justine

Student in Mechanical Engineering



« I was a little apprehensive, but I decided to go 12,000 km away from home to Mendoza in Argentina to study for a dual degree. The city is extremely pleasant and the way of life is gentle all year round. I immediately had a good relationship with the Argentineans, who made me feel at home in just a few weeks!
As far as learning is concerned, I have found the teaching methods very different, and I was lucky to do a 3-month internship in the wine industry.
I am coming home with unforgettable memories, friends from many different countries, who generously invited me to visit them where they live. And as far as the language is concerned, there is nothing better to improve. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this kind of experience. »


ENISE International Julien

Student in Mechanical Engineering 

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