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Sylvie Mira
         Sylvie Mira

Located on the university campus of La Métare in Saint-Étienne, the National School of Engineers of Saint-Étienne (École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne, ENISE) has been training engineers who specialise in mechanical, civil or sensory engineering for more than 60 years

The ENISE is an integrated part of the Ecole Centrale of Lyon and delivers premium scientific degrees in various and specialised engineering sciences, but also in human and social sciences, as well as economics and management. The various educational courses deal with issues linked to major ecological, energy, digital and social transitions. The strength of the ENISE lies in training engineers who are both experts in their domain of expertise and able to lead multidisciplinary cross-functional projects.

The ENISE has developed close links with companies across several industries (aeronautics, automotive, building/construction, engineering, health, textiles, etc.) through multi-year partnerships on research and innovation projects. This closeness allows the school to organise its training courses around the recruitment needs of its partner companies and thus to offer a wide range of opportunities to its graduates and trainee students.

The ENISE also enables its mechanical and civil engineering students to carry out their engineering cycle training with the company of their choice and thus to acquire solid operational skills while earning money for three years.

The school usually welcomes around a hundred high school students in the first year of the preparatory cycle and around a hundred undergraduates in the first year of the engineering cycle per year. The ENISE is a school on a human scale where students build strong relationships, which will help them develop a dynamic professional network.

More than 30 associations and clubs are led by engineering students, which enables them to have responsibility dealing with cultural, sporting, recreational or social activities and events... This also allows them to develop managerial skills in organising, communicating, negotiating while allowing them to have free rein to their passions.

Taking part in the school life is an important part of the training. Engineering students can enjoy a free Thursday afternoon every to allow them to get involved in a club or association and/or practice sports.

The school welcomes a growing number of foreign students on campus and supports its students with their international mobility (for internships or with a university partner), which helps the ENISE students to become more curious and open about the world.

The National School of Engineers of Saint-Étienne is dedicated to combining scientific rigor with innovation spirit as well as collective commitment and respect for the overall society and our environment.


Sylvie Mira
Head of the ENISE


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