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Francois Marie Larrouturou"As part of École Centrale de Lyon, ENISE trains civically minded engineers with strong technical skills, ready to serve the industry of the future. They are meant to become part of management teams. As a school, we work hand in hand with the territories we evolve on/with, drawing on our constant search for partners, and our ongoing research and innovation.

Our strategic ambition is to be a higher-education engineering school offering majors, with an active role in the industrial, societal and fundamental environmental changes occurring in our three domains of excellence, ie. Manufacturing, Sustainable housing and Sensory design. 

With ENISE becoming an affiliated school, a new model of teaching emerges, combining the opening up of scientific and technological knowledge to society's major challenges, supported by École Centrale de Lyon, along with the specialised engineering training concept of ENISE. 

Together, we will expand our courses, our research work, our innovation capacity, but also our capacity for creativity and entrepreneurship, answering the needs of our future students in engineering.""


François Marie Larrouturou
Director of ENISE



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