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  1. Recruitment

    Teachers, lecturers and researchers, permanent posts

    • No current open positions
  2. BIATTS permanent posts (Bibliothécaires, Ingénieurs, Administratifs, Techniciens, Personnels Sociaux et de Santé) and IRTF competitive examination (Ingénieurs et techniciens de recherche et de formation)

    ITRF competitive examination

    • The 2020 recruitment campaign by ITRF competitive examination is now closed

    Outside ITRF

    • No current open positions
  3. Contract work

    ATER 2020-2021 (graduate assistants)

    • The ATER recruitment campaign is now closed

    Other recruitment

  4. Other higher-education institutions

    Université de Lyon

    Université Jean Monnet Saint Etienne

    Ecole Centrale de Lyon

    Université Lyon 1

    Université Lyon 2

  5. Temporary work

    Temporary teaching staff covered by Decree 87-889 are split into 2 categories: teaching staff and temporary staff

    Temporary teaching instructors

    Temporary teaching instructors are people chosen because of their skills in a given field and who also have a professional activity on the side.

    Recruited people have to abide by the two following conditions

    • be less than 65 years old and 4 months for anyone born before 31/12/1951
    • have a professional activity which can be :
      • being the director of a company
      • being an employee working at least 900h/year (at least 300h when it's teaching activities)
      • having a self-employed activity (self-employed, micro company) only if one can prove by any means that this activity ensures regular means of existence.

    Temporary teaching agents

    Temporary staff members must be registered while preparing for a higher education third cycle of diploma.

    They can only provide tutorials or practical work within the limit of 96 tutorial hours or 64 hours for contractual doctoral students.

  6. Offers for internships

    • No current open positions
  7. Annual personnel report

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