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ENISE and CNAM have partnered to offer a LICENCE STS (degree in Science, Technology and Health) with the specialty CIVIL ENGINEERING, and curriculum "Project and Worksite Management", dedicated to training technical executive officers in the fields of Construction and Public works.

It lasts for one year, from the beginning of October to the end of September of the following year. It is a work/study programme, with a Professional Training Contract.

This course is accessible with a two-year degree (bac+2) in the fields of Construction, Public works or Civil Engineering.


Academic model

The academic model centres on the following subjects:

  • Construction Management
    • Construction project Management
    • Worksite preparation
    • Worksite management
    • Construction law
  • Science and technique in the building industry
    • BIM Project management 
    • Resistance of materials
    • Geotechnics
    • Foundations
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Metallic constructions
  • Communication and management
    • Professional communication
    • Team management
    • English


Classes and assessments take place over 13 weeks (with 400 hours of in-person academic training and 80 hours of self-studying). The rest of the time is spent working for a company, which gives students strong professional experience during this year of training.

The recruitment campaign for the Autumn 2021 start is now closed.

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