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The double degree of engineer–architect / architect-engineer is the perfect opportunity for ENISE's engineering students and ENSASE's architecture students (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Étienne) to train in two disciplines and obtain a double degree coordinated by both institutions. The combination of two complementary cultures gives the possibility to students to design a project in its entirety and apply technical thinking to aesthetics and vice versa. Interviews of our 4 engineering students following this dual curriculum:

What made you choose this dual curriculum?

Paul : "I've always been interested in architecture but I wanted a wider vision of the construction of a building, and also to understand the various organising principles of the building trade... as in understanding why a building is in this or that particular place, organised in a particular way, and arranged in a manner to suit its environment, etc. "

Morgane : "I wanted to understand both the design and construction of buildings. Engineering and architecture are closely related in my eyes. As soon as I started studying civil engineering at ENISE, I knew that this double degree was THE solution for me to complete and perfect my training in engineering. When I was little, I used to hesitate between being a civil engineer and an architect because I couldn't imagine being one without the other. This double degree was and still is my dream!"

Matthieu : "For years I have been very interested in heritage, listed monuments and buildings, architecture and history. So, choosing this course was a way for me to combine aesthetics and symbolism with the sciences of civil engineering; my objective being to understand the various aspects of town and country planning and of construction."

Thomas : "After watching Ted Mosby, who is a character in 'How I met your mother' and an architect, I thought: "Why not me?". So I sought information on the subject and what I liked most, eventually, was that you could start a project from nothing and imagine something which would come to exist after just a few months of building. So I turned to an engineering school for the scientific aspect of the job but part of me always wanted to do architecture. When the possibility to study for a double degree came to me, I jumped at the chance."

What qualities or skills can these studies in architecture add to your job as an engineer?
"They actually give you a different view of the profession of architect, as well as a better understanding, and better communication with architects in your work. In other countries, the two professions are closely linked and building starts as soon as design does. This system gains time and quality. There is constant communication between the engineer and the architect. This double degree helps a lot in this matter."

Is the workload compatible with the schedule of a student in engineering?
"Yes, the workload is made compatible with our programme at ENISE. Our timetable can be adjusted, with dispensations and absence justifications. In spite of the pandemic, the camaraderie in the groups helps catch up on missed classes very easily. The workload does remain quite substantial, so students need to be well organised and anticipate a lot."

Who would you recommend this double degree to?

"To people who wish to discover and increase their experience in the construction industry. Also, to people who wish to collaborate on both the design and the construction of buildings, and therefore imagine and build something from A to Z."

"To hard-working, well-organised people, who are interested in the artistic, symbolic and organisational side of construction. This applies to town and country planning too."

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Posted on 15/03/2021

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